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2018 Winter Ball – A Party to Remember

7 September 2018

Capital Region Community Services’s (BCS) first Winter Ball on 24 August was a smashing hit! The Belconnen Community Centre (BCC) is always bustling with different people, but on the afternoon of the ball, the guests were excitedly buzzing through the centre, picking out their corsages and getting their hair and makeup done.

BCS employee Tracy said, “the aim of the ball was to provide a grand scale, social event that embraced diversity and individual strengths”.

At 5:30pm a hot pink party bus arrived and everyone clambered to get on, excited for what was sure to be a fun night. Arriving at The Abbey Function Centre, there was a live band playing, and beautiful food served for dinner.

Tracy said, ““If the success of an event can be measured in smiles and laughter then I would say our very first Winter Ball was a huge success”.

A Polaroid camera station was a highlight, as the participants took a break from their dancing to snap a few photos with their friends.

Everyone was treated by not one but two dance performances from BCS’ dance instructor, Risa. The Dance Club performed their much loved choreography ‘Tick Tock’, before a special guest appearance from the Red Power Ranger. He and Risa showed off their moves before BCC regular, Ben revealed himself as the Red Ranger.

Ben wore many hats that night, after being voted King of the ball, next to Molly who was voted Queen.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award!

Tracy said, “There are already whispers about a repeat event next year and many of the volunteers that helped get participants ready for the evening have contacted me to ask if they could be involved again.  Clearly the energy and optimism of BCS is contagious.”

The memories (and the Polaroids) are sure to last for many years to come.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who made the night so special:

The Abbey Function Centre

CIT Floristry

Flowers HQ

Pink Party Bus

Code Red

Hoyts Belconnen

Ishka Belconnen

AMF Bowling Belconnen

The Games Capital

Frox and Sox (Styled by Francesca)

Canberra Make-up Academy



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