CRCS Board

The CRCS Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers representing a broad cross-section of community interests.  The Board oversees the work of Capital Region Community Services and ensures accountability to the community, funding bodies and other stakeholders, and to all participants engaged with our service. Members of the CRCS Board:

  • Chris Ermacora – Chair
  • Vanessa Gale – Secretary
  • Carolyn McPherson – Treasurer
  • Peter Humphries – Director
  • Loi Lam – Director
  • Peter Henss – Director

Chris Ermacora - Chair

Chris has over two decades of experience working in public sector organisations, and offers strong analytical skills and evidence-based decision making. Chris has a proven track record in building collaborative teams and has guided strategic visions with both management and technical expertise. Chris has a genuine desire to connect more closely to the local community, and to develop a skill set at a Board and governance level that builds on previous risk management, compliance and strategic thinking. Chris recognises the valuable work of BCS in supporting the local community, and feels a strong affinity to the organisations purpose and values.

Photo of Chris Ermacora

Vanessa Gale - Secretary

With over 20 years’ experience in Early Childhood Education in various roles ranging from Early Childhood Teacher, Centre Director, Government Policy Officer and Regulator, Vanessa is excited to contribute her experience and expertise to further BCS’s vision and mission. She hopes that by being involved with CRCS, she can contribute to the ACT community in her area of passion – Education and Care. Vanessa’s professional experience and education places her in a positive position to contribute to CRCS as an education and care provider and help the organisation achieve its mission and goals.

Carolyn McPherson - Treasurer

Carolyn is a qualified accountant and has served on a number of boards. Carolyn is excited to be able to contribute to her local community through her role on the CRCS Board.

Peter Henss - Director

Peter is excited to be able to serve on the CRCS Board and spend time contributing to his local community. Peter is an information technology specialist and looks forward to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with CRCS.

Photo of Peter Henns

Peter Humphries - Director

Peter has been a social worker for forty years, having practised in the areas of mental health, rehabilitation and income support. Peter is now lecturing in Social Work at ACU in Canberra with a focus on teaching in mental health, working with families and community work. Peter is a strong supporter of community-based services and is eager to assist CRCS as it further strengthens its presence and capacity in our region.

Loi Lam - Director

Loi is a public servant and not-for-profit associate with strong strategy, policy, governance and advocacy skills, having worked in the public and not-for-profit sectors on a wide range of projects and programs. In the public sector, he has developed and implemented a range of strategies and policies relating to counter-terrorism, national security and education. Loi is also a member of various committees in the not-for-profit sector, and has worked on numerous social policy initiatives such as criminal justice reform, Indigenous rights, drug policy and democracy. Loi hopes to bring his diverse experience to advance CRCS’s objectives, and deliver services and programs that promote social inclusion and wellbeing, whilst building a more connected and supportive community.

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