CRCS celebrates Early Childhood Educators’ Day

2 September 2020

On Early Childhood Educators’ Day (2 September 2020) Capital Region Community Services took the opportunity to celebrate our Early Childhood Education and Care and Outside School Hours Care educators and thank them for their tireless commitment to their profession and the children in their care.

“Each and every day we understand their dedication and passion and recognise they are the ones making a difference in the lives of young children by providing quality experiences in early childhood education and care services that are central in developing children’s health, wellbeing and learning,” Allison Sullings, Executive Director of Children’s Programs said.

“They aren’t only teaching children, they are also teaching other people they work with, the families and the community what they may not know about their children and society.”

A survey released today by the Children First Alliance revealed that a majority of parents in the ACT saw their child’s educator as a trusted source of knowledge about their child’s development and wellbeing. It also identified the staff as the most common theme when asked what the best thing is about their child’s early learning centre. 

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“This year has been a very difficult time for everyone. With bushfires to COVID-19 many have experienced uncertainty and loss,” Ms Sullings said.

“When many of us were able to be flexible and work from home and assist our children in ‘home learning’, for educators their days did not change. Not because they couldn’t but because they chose not to. Educators continued to go to work each and every day to teach and care for our children and to provide consistency for families.”

In acknowledgement of the day, celebrations took place at our Early Childhood Education and Care centres and Outside School Hours Care centres across Belconnen.

Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre

“BRECC rolled out the red carpet for the educators today, as well as the BRECC Walk of Fame!

Families have been contributing notes of appreciation to display in the hallway, which is growing by the minute.

There is a lovely backdrop for photos throughout the day with the team of educators.

We will be further celebrating with each other in the staffroom with goodies, some of them the parents have supplied and we will then be celebrating with the children with cake for afternoon tea.

To round off the celebrations each educator is getting a gift basket with some very punny items!”

“We have been so happy with every aspect of care provided to our two boys by CRCS [and BRECC]. The care provided is individualised, thoughtful, and truly dedicated to their happiness and development.”

Bruce ridge early childhood centre parent

Bruce Early Childhood Centre

“We have a lovely Wall of Appreciation at Bruce today where families are using to show their appreciation for the educators!”

“Thank you so much to all the Bruce Early Childhood Centre educators for instilling the spirit of love, kindness, patience and courage in our daughter. You have influenced our child’s life in so many positive ways.”

Bruce early childhood centre parent

Belconnen Early Childhood Centre

“To celebrate this important day we had different activities: After acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land, we had a special morning tea to share, a ‘Thank You’ space where parents and families shared lovely notes and feedback with their educators, and then the educators received a surprise – a diploma and a little present to recognise the amazing job they do every day!”

St Matthew’s School Aged Care

Educators at St Matthew’s School Aged Care received certificates and chocolates as a thank you for their great work.

Feedback has also been streaming in all day from families who took the opportunity to praise the educators for their dedication to the children and what a difference it has made in their lives.

“Thank you for all your hard work team, you really make a difference in our little guy’s life.”

“Hi St Matt’s team. Thank you so much for making befores and afters such a happy, fun place for the children. [Our child]’s favourite part of the day is afters!!! Thank you for helping him settle into school.”

“Thank you all!! [Our child] loves afters because of the caring and loving environment you create. Thank you ❤”

Parents from St Matthew’s School Aged Care

Happy Early Childhood Educators Day to all Educators in the ACT and beyond!

From Capital Region Community Services, a proud member of the Children First Alliance

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