Meet Amy

8 April 2019


We have some amazing people who work here at Capital Region Community Services (CRCS), helping to provide the best possible service for our participants. Senior’s Program coordinator, Amy Jones is one of those people. We met with Amy to talk about her time at BCS and what she does here.

What did you do before you came to BCS?

I’ve been working at BCS for a little over two years. I studied counselling before BCS and before that I worked in day spas for nearly 10 years. I started working here as a support worker in the adults living with disability groups which has always been awesome. Every day is different. You really get to know people. As facilitators left I took on some facilitating roles. I’ve always been around people.

What do you do now, as the Seniors Program coordinator?

I mostly facilitate three seniors groups. One of those is Positive Links. It’s a group for people who have had a life changing health experience in life. It might be a heart attack or a lifelong disability. They all come together and support each other. I facilitate a drumming class which is awesome; it’s really cool to see the effects of music on people from all walks of life. It’s pretty special that group. I also do Try a Sport – we’re doing tennis at the moment, which is so much fun. I’m the support worker in the martial arts class, so I’ve actually been able to learn martial arts over the last two years which has been really cool. I also do Performing Arts with Mr Tim, which is so much fun as well. It doesn’t really feel like work, I won’t lie. I have lots of fun, and get to know people really well.

With all the fun things you get to do, what’s the best part about your job? There are a few things I enjoy about working here. One of them would obviously be the people that we get to know. We become part of their world, we get to know the families and become part of their community. It’s a very happy place to be. It’s a really positive environment to be in. Being able to be a positive in someone’s world when things don’t seem so great is really nice to be a part of from week to week. You can see people growing, learning and creating friendships and relationships. That’s probably the most special part. It’s been really cool to be able to change careers, come in and learn from scratch and be able to develop in my career. That’s always been something that Adam’s done, if we want to grow and we want to learn something new we’ve been able to do that. That’s been something really cool because I’ve changed career completely and didn’t know much about community services so it’s been nice. From the beginning Adam’s said if you’ve got an idea bring it to me and we will see what we can do. For me, because I’m quite creative it’s been really great to be able to share some of the things I enjoy. Music and singing and guitar and arts and crafts; I’m not formally trained in any of those things, but to be able to come and share it, and to do so without needing to be perfect is fun, it’s a really healthy environment. You encourage other people to bring their talents and skills as well. We’re encouraged to try new things ourselves. We’re there teaching the participants but we’re also growing ourselves.

What are some of the new things you’ve been able to start? I have a great team. Last year we had the End of Year Performance and the Winter Ball.

Photo of drumming performance

Amy (right) and Ronnie (left) at the End of Year Performance

Photo of awards ceremony

Amy (left) presenting Cal (centre) with an award at the Winter Ball with Tracy (right)

Helen, Tracy and myself were hired on the same day. We’ve been in the same programs and we know the same people and we’ve been in the same classes so it’s been really cool, after the second year of us all being here, to be able to celebrate with the participants who now know us all really well. And being able to have their friends and family come and see how much fun they have here, and their friendships, that’s one thing that parents always say is there’s such a great atmosphere, there’s friendships everywhere, and it’s a really positive place for people to be. For people to be able to celebrate that at the end of the year performance was pretty cool.

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