Meet the CRCS NDIS Team

Masia - NDIS Intake Coordinator

Hi my name is Masia.  I moved to Canberra in April 2014, joined Capital Region Community Services in July and there I found my community.  My role as the NDIS Intake Coordinator makes me the first point of contact for participants and their families who are new to the NDIS.  I provide information and support to help people to implement their plans.  I show them how BCS can support them in achieving their goals.  I like to say that the plan is paper and that we at BCS want to help make it real. I’m passionate about my job.  I like people, I love to help and I’m a good listener. I ask participants what they want and need and how they would like us to support them.  Based on our conversations, I arrange quality coordination of support services.  I prepare all the NDIS service agreements on behalf of BCS.  If you have an NDIS related question, ask me!

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John - NDIS Support Coordinator/Day to Day Living Coordinator

Hi my name is John.  I’ve been working at the Capital Region Community Services for over ten years and I joined the NDIS team in November 2016.  My background is in community mental health and education.  As a support coordinator, my main task is to help NDIS participants realise their goals through their plan.  This is done collaboratively with the participant, other stakeholders and all relevant service providers.  My job is also to make the participant aware of all the possibilities available to them from their plan – some of which may not have been discussed in their original meeting with their NDIS planner. My current role, apart from doing NDIS coordination, is coordinating the Day to Day Living program – which is a community based mental health program.  I facilitate the drop-in sessions at the Southern Cross Stadium in Tuggeranong, run different mental health groups, and organise mental health excursions to destinations including Kosciuszko and the south coast.

Alison - NDIS Support Coordinator

Hi my name is Alison. I joined the Capital Region Community Services NDIS team in November 2016.  I’ve worked in the community sector for the past 11 years in various capacities. I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps me to support NDIS participants to implement their NDIS plans. Our team is dedicated to providing coordination and connection of supports .  My main function is to help participants understand their plans, connect with providers, and implement supports.  I also assist participants with the NDIS review process.  I find activities and supports that meet the goals in their plans, assist with making referrals to suitable providers, and negotiate their support.  I also provide information and advice to the families of participants to help ensure that the the funding in each plan is being used to its full capacity. Some people require a little support and others require more.  I ensure that I provide the level of support that a person needs to fully implement their plan in a timely manner.

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Rachel - NDIS Support Coordinator

Hi, my name is Rachel. I’ve worked for Capital Region Community Services since October 2013. When I first was employed by BCS I was a Support Worker in the community.  I assisted people who were aged, frail or living with disability to maintain independent lives in their own homes. Now I’m a support coordinator with the NDIS team.  I’m located at the Belconnen Community Centre. I meet with NDIS participants in a location they are comfortable with and I assist them to fill out the access request forms and post to the NDIS for review and approval. Once this has been completed and approved, I am able to put services in place with different programs and services at BCS and with other NDIS registered agencies. I also liaise with providers for different types of service and supports. I keep in contact with the participant and the other agencies to ensure all services are running appropriately for the participant. I also attend plan reviews with participants and the NDIS Team in either Belconnen or Braddon.

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Nicole - NDIS Support Coordinator

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am the newest member of the NDIS Support Coordination team having joined CRCS in July 2019. I moved to Canberra in August 2013 from the deep south of Victoria. Since moving to Canberra I have worked as a personal carer and activities coordinator in a nursing home and most recently a community support worker, specifically for kids with disabilities.
My role within CRCS has been an amazing learning curve for myself. After working on the other side of a NDIS Plan as a support worker, I can now work with people and families to understand and make the most of their plan from the beginning. I can help in making contact and connecting participants to find best-fit support agencies, activities and programs. I can assist with Plan reviews, agency referrals, filling out forms when needed and monitor supports post-referral to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind.

Paddy - NDIS Support Coordinator

G’day, my name is Paddy. I joined the CRCS Team in August 2018 having over a decade of experience in the community sector, in one capacity or another. Working in the community both here in Australia and abroad, I understand the barriers and challenges faced by those who are vulnerable in our community on a daily basis.
In my role as a NDIS Support Coordinator, I work with a diversity of people whom I look at equally and care for very much. I bring a professional yet empathetic approach to my work ethic; but also like to drop in humour into my way of thinking too. I am also confident in my abilities, and not afraid to be both someone’s voice as well as a shoulder to lean on as we build on our mutual trust and commitment.
As a Support Coordinator, we work directly with the participant [and/or their families] to implement supports and connect services to that person [all under their approved NDIS Plan]. We work with many external providers to put all the links together.
Putting that circle of supports together can be a challenge at times, but at the end of the day I feel that if I can make life just that little bit brighter/positive for the participant, and make those changes to improve their quality of life – [with the end goal of each person feeling ‘valued’ by giving them choice and control over their supports], then my job is done.

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