Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Participants Rights at BCS

At BCS, you have the right to:

  • privacy and confidentiality of your information – please see our privacy policy for more information
  • be treated with respect, integrity, optimism, inclusion and stewardship by our employees and have your human rights upheld
  • provide feedback about your service or the conduct of our employees (either positive or negative) without fear of victimisation or loss of service
  • prompt responses to enquiries and complaints about the services you access, including the manner in which they are being provided
  • an advocate
  • have your abilities, contribution and competence valued by BCS and our employees
  • be involved in deciding and choosing the services that best meet your needs
  • be given information to enable you to make informed choices about your service
  • expect that Capital Region Community Services will consult with you about any permanent changes to your service
  • be given a written plan of the services you will receive from Capital Region Community Services
  • receive service that takes into account your lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious background and preferences
  • expect confidential management of your personal information
  • receive services that help you take part in social activities and community life as you choose wherever possible
  • have documents such as service agreements or participant handbooks explained to you if applicable to your service

Photo rights

Participants Responsibilities at BCS

As our participant we ask you to:

  • respect the rights of employees and other individuals to be safe and free from harassment, violence or abuse
  • care for your own health and wellbeing as much as you are able
  • provide us with information that will help us better meet your needs
  • inform BCS of any changes you feel we should know about to better meet your needs
  • be aware that our employees are only authorised to perform the duties agreed to with you in accordance with Service Agreements and/or our organisational requirements
  • provide BCS with feedback about the service you are receiving. We will provide you with a form to complete or call us if you wish. You can also provide this feedback as part of your service review
  • pay any agreed amount for the services provided by BCS
  • to treat other people who access our services and programs with courtesy, respect and dignity and in accordance with the ACT Human Rights Act

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