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Circle of Security is an eight week parenting program designed to enhance attachment and security between parents and children up to the age of ten years.

Topics covered:

  • Introducing the Circle of Security
  • Develop skills in distinguishing the ‘need’ moments
  • Building a solid emotional foundation for your children
  • Tuning into children’s shifts in attention and emotion

This relationship-based program is designed to enhance attachment between parents and children. Participants will learn how to establish a secure base that gives your children a sense of safety, and develop observational skills to strengthen your relationships.

Registrations are essential as places are limited.


  • Cost


  • LocationBCS Kippax
    Kippax Pl, Holt
  • How to register

    Courses are held at Kippax several times a year. Please contact us for details and to be waitlisted for future sessions.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6264 0200

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