CRCS provides a friendly, flexible and reliable Community Transport service. It’s an ACT wide door-to-door service with a focus on promoting participants’ independence and community involvement. Community Transport is for people who are ageing, recovering from a medical condition or living with disability, and who live independently in our community. Carers of eligible participants may also use Community Transport.

Community Transport is a subsidised service that incurs a small co-payment.

Community Cars

Community Cars provide transport to medical and paramedical appointments, shopping trips and social and recreational activities. Car transport operates ACT wide Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm, excluding public holidays.

Community Cars are supported by the Australian Government Department of Health and the ACT Health Directorate.


Car transport operates seven days per week from 7:00am to 7:00pm, excluding public holidays. It is an ACT wide transport service for people aged over 65 and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50.  People who are under 65 and who have a temporary or episodic health condition may also be eligible for Community Car transport.

Community Bus

With a focus on social activities, transport support is available for group outings and social and recreational activities.  Every month, the CRCS Community Bus service offers two excursions to visit local attractions or enjoy lunch together.  The Community Bus operates Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 3:00pm excluding public holidays.  These operating hours may be flexible to meet community need.

The Belconnen Community Bus is an initiative of the ACT Government.


Community Bus is for people who are isolated, have mobility issues, social or other barriers to accessing mainstream transport services. The Bus is available for seniors, people living with a disability, parents with young children as well as residents of aged care facilities.


People living with disability may access Community Transport through their NDIS package. To access this service, please request a quote from CRCS prior to completing your NDIS plan or prior to your transport taking place.

Visit the Disability Services and the NDIS page to find out more.


Volunteering Drives Our Community

Volunteer drivers in the CRCS Community Transport service provide thousands of hours of support to people in our community each year.
Volunteer drivers assist people to retain their independence and community involvement. Drivers may transport participants to essential appointments, shopping centres, or social and recreational activities. Visit our volunteers page to learn more about volunteering with CRCS.


  • Time

    Car transport operates ACT wide seven days per week from 7:00am to 7:00pm, excluding public holidays. Community Bus operates Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm excluding public holidays.  The Community Bus may operate outside these hours for special events by arrangement.

  • Cost

    Small participant contribution required

  • LocationOchre Health Medical Centre
    76/80 Hardwick Cres, Holt ACT 2615
  • How to register

    Contact the team on 02 6278 8124 or transport@crcs.com.au

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6278 8124
    Email: transport@crcs.com.au

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