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Come and join the Youth Engagement Team online, chat with Youth Workers and other young people on the group chat and check out our live streams!

This will be a private group chat set up on Discord. To request an invite link to the group or for any support in setting up an account please email the Youth Engagement Team or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to feature in one of our live streams, get in contact with the Youth engagement team or send a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook: Belconnen Youth Centre

Instagram: belconnen_youth_centre



  • Time

    Fridays, 3:30-5:30pm

  • Cost


  • How to register

    Set up a Discord account and request an invite link to join the chat and jump on Facebook to catch the live stream.

    For assistance in setting up a Discord account, please contact the Youth Engagement Team on the details above.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6264 0200

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