Seasons for Growth is an innovative grief and loss education program that uses the imagery of the seasons to illustrate the experience of grief. It aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children who are dealing with significant life changes such as the loss of a friendship, the illness or death of family member or pet, parental or family separation, relocation or life transitions, natural disaster or changes to family’s work-life. This program is for children and young people where at least one year has passed since a significant event/loss has occurred.

Seasons for Growth provides the support and space for children to:

  • Learn how different people respond to change, loss and grief
  • Understand that it is normal to experience a range of grief reactions
  • Explore new approaches to dealing with change and loss in their lives
  • Build communication, decision making and problem solving skills
  • Participate in a supportive network of peers and adults
  • Integrate their new learning into their relationships with family, friends and others.



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