Tuning in to Kids teaches parents how to help their child to develop emotional intelligence. Children with higher emotional intelligence:

  • Have greater success with making and keeping friends.
  • Have better concentration at school.
  • Are more able to calm down when upset or angry.

Tuning in to kids is an evidenced based, emotion coaching parenting program. This eight week course is suitable for parents of children from two to 10 years of age.

Tuning in to Kids helps parents to:

  • Improve interactions with their child.
  • Better understand their child.
  • Help their child learn to manage their emotion.
  • Help to prevent behaviour problems.
  • Teach their child to deal with conflict.

Registrations are essential as places are limited. This course is held several times a year.


  • Time

    Runs several times a year. Please inquire with BCS Reception for more information.

  • Cost


  • LocationBCS Kippax
    Kippax Place, Holt
  • How to register

    Prior registration is essential for this program.

  • For more informationPhone: Anna: 02 6278 8147
    Email: groups@crcs.com.au

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