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Short Term Case Work (up to 12 weeks) is offered by the Youth Engagement Team for at risk or vulnerable young people with medium to high needs who would like assistance in reaching their self-determined goals. Goals may relate to education, employment, housing, finances, mental health, and any other concerns that require additional support.

Referrals are welcome from all avenues, provided that the young person has consented to their information being shared and they are willing to work collaboratively with a youth worker.

Once an appropriate referral has been accepted, the young person will be assigned a youth worker who will continue to be their point of contact for the duration of their case work time. The young person’s worker will assist them in creating an action plan that outlines the young person’s goals as well as practical ways of working together to accomplish them.

BCS utilises a strengths-based case work model and works with young people in a person-centred, family and community focused manner. 

Working with Clients during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The need for support around mental health and employment is expected to increase and it is paramount for our services to adapt in order to support the young people in our community during this challenging time.

Our Short Term Case Work and Employment Hub will continue to operate however this will be done remotely over phone, email, text and social media. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and role model best practice in dealing with COVID-19.

As this is a fluid environment, we plan to review our processes fortnightly in order to ensure best practice whilst working remotely to continue to support young people. There is a compelling need for positive social connection and as a service, we need to continue to identify and meet needs as best we can.


  • Cost


  • LocationBelconnen Community Centre
    Swanson Court, Belconnen
  • How to register

    For more information about accessing youth casework services, please contact the BCS Youth Services team on the details below.

  • For more informationPhone: 02 6264 0200

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