Capital Region Community Servicess provides a wide range of programs to support people living in our community. Use the filter below to narrow your search or the search icon above to find programs by name.

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  • Aerobics / Circuit

    A fantastic all around fitness class that will improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

  • Backs in Balance: Staying active and on your feet

    A falls prevention and health promotion program. Sessions include exercises to encourage free and easy daily movement, and information on nutrition & lifestyle.

  • Circle of Security

    Circle of Security is an eight week parenting program designed to enhance attachment and security between parents and children up to the age of ten years.

  • Creative After School Classes

    Bungee after school classes support participants to take part in activities designed to enhance well-being and social and emotional health.

  • Disability Services and the NDIS

    As an NDIS service provider, CRCS works with people to achieve their goals and provide services to support people living with a disability.

  • Early English

    A pre-school readiness program for linguistically diverse families

  • Family Foundations

    Family Foundations is a free, early intervention program that promotes strong, secure, and healthy relationships between children aged 0-5 years and their parents/carers.

  • Fit Families

    Fit Families is a sports-based play program for children and their carers.

  • Home Care Packages

    CRCS is an approved Home Care Package provider.

  • Mature Fitness (No Machines)

    A class intended for the more mature person. Improve strength, balance and coordination to help improve your everyday activities.

  • Mature Multi Fitness

    This program is a low impact cardio, strength based gym class that will include sessions such as cross trainer, interval training, and low impact boxing.

  • Mature Strength (Machine)

    Improve your fitness and functional strength for your daily activities. This class combines machine exercises with basic free weight exercises.

  • Power Bar

    This class is a fixed choreographed weights class and is aimed at toning the muscles, strengthening the bones, increasing the body’s metabolism and burning unwanted fat.

  • Seasons for Growth

    A grief and loss education program for young people.

  • Tiny Tumblers

    The class allows children between 2 and 4 years to challenge themselves and explore their physical abilities in a safe environment, developing their confidence and coordination.

  • Tuning in to Kids

    Tuning in to Kids teaches parents how to help their child to develop emotional intelligence.


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