It all started with a plan…

Our 2020-2030 Strategic Plan.

After 45 years of experience working closely with our Belconnen and wider Canberra population, we asked ourselves how we could do better. What part we could play in a more inclusive, connected community.

We wanted our new strategic plan to reflect this vision. More than anything, we wanted to keep doing what we do best, staying true to our Belconnen roots and supporting as many people as we can.

Community is at the heart of everything we do, so naturally we wanted the community to play a key role in the process.

You spoke, we listened

We had several requests to make our services available to communities in regional NSW. Communities that valued the work we did in Canberra.

So we did just that. We changed to a Company Limited by Guarantee so that we could reach across borders and offer our regional NSW community the same opportunities as our ACT community.

And to reflect this reach, we changed our name to

This way, anyone within the Capital Region can reach out to us, and we can reach out to the Capital Region. We can facilitate greater connections within the community.

We can welcome new members to our family.

This is a change in our name, not our services. We will continue to better ourselves, ask for your feedback, and keep building connections – not just in Canberra but across the Capital Region.

Photo of Chris Ermacora

“For over 40 years BCS has reached out to connect and enrich lives within the local community.

Throughout this time, this community has expanded and evolved. Through the outcomes of our strategic planning process, we can now positively respond to these changes.

CRCS will extend our reach in a manner that is more inclusive, adopting the same values that are already firmly embedded in our culture and practice, enriching people’s lives in the process”


“I was born and raised in regional NSW and it is dear to my heart to have the opportunity to work with regional NSW communities within the Capital Region.

Belconnen will remain a vital Hub for us, we stand on the shoulders of passionate Belconnen residents who showed incredible enthusiasm and dedication to turn this Organisation into a hub of community spirit in Belconnen.

To stray from that vision would be unthinkable to us”


Welcome to #TheCRCSFamily

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CRCS Strategic Plan 2020-2030

Goal 1

Engage and connect with communities across the Capital Region

Goal 2

Provide high-quality services, placing people and the community at the heart of everything we do

Goal 3

Be inclusive, responsible and exceptional as an organisation and an employer

Goal 4

Strengthen our innovative and collaborative capacity to achieve greater social impact

Our history

CRCS would not be in the position it is today if not for the people who helped build it from the ground up. They are a true testament to the generosity and compassion of Canberra and we are proud to call Belconnen our home. 

Barbara Old’s book, 25 Years of Building Community Strength, provides a rich account of CRCS’s origins. It includes valuable testimonials and images that tell our story in an inimitable manner. 


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